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Visually Analyze Option Strategies
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Covered Call Calculator - User Guide
Step 1 - Enter a ticker in the ticker box. For example. "CAT"

Step 2 - Enter the trade date. This is the date on which the covered call is initiated.
Default is todays date.

Step 3 - Select the calculator type. Select "Covered call" for calculating covered call details and " Covered put" for calculating covered put details.

Step 4 - Select the option which you will selling by clicking on the "Select Main Leg" button.

Step 5 - Select the Roll Over options by clicking on the "Select Roll Over Leg" button.

Step 6 - Calculate your returns by clicking on the "Calculate Returns" button.


Ticker : The stock ticker.

Trade Date : The date on which the the strategy was initiated. Default is today's date.

Calculator Type : Type of Calculator. either Covered Call OR Covered Put.

Price on Trade: The Stock price when the strategy was initiated.

Current Price : The current price of the stock.

Name : The option symbol.

Strike : The option strike price.

Expiry : The option expiry date.

Open Price : The selling price of the option.

Current Price : The current price of the option.

Open Date : The date on which the option is sold.

Roll Over Date : The opening date for the Roll Over Position.
Note: System assumes that the original leg is closed at this date when the roll over leg is initiated.

Stock Price at Roll : The price of the stock when the roll over position is initiated.
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